Monday, May 20, 2013

A Big Thank You!!!

I want to say a big huge thank you to everyone who participated!  This exists because of each of your questions, answers, quips, stories, laughter, concern, and especially many of you who were eager to share your bellybuttons for photographing.

Thank you all so much!  This was so much fun and I learned quite a few new things about the bellybutton!

Feel free to come here and add to this museum as you like!

Laura Mappin

Most Unusual and Funny Story

I asked a guy if he wanted to know anything about his bellybutton.

He assured me he knew everything he wanted to know.

Then he said, "I used to collect my bellybutton lint.  I'd save it in a cup on the top of the fridge.  When my girlfriend came over for the first time, she found it and asked what it was.  I asked her to guess. She did.  And she was right."

They are now married.

Watercolor Bellybutton

Trying out the watercolorbot to draw a bellybutton.

Holding Belly

Just noticed while watching people walk by the table as they read the Bellybutton Museum sign, quite a few started ever so slightly to hold their bellies.

I wonder about an experiment at the next Maker Faire.  Place multiple tables around the fairgrounds.  One would be a Back Museum, another an Arm Museum, maybe a Butt Museum.  See if the same percentage of people move to hold each part of the body.

What related experiment can you imagine?

Climb Back

Can you climb into your own bellybutton, through your mother's bellybutton, through her mother's bellybutton all the way back to the primordial soup?

Little Johnny Jet

Someone asked if Little Johnny Jet had a bellybutton.  He had a mom and a dad.  He was delivered by helicopter though.

Christmas Card

Someone posed in front of the Bellybutton Museum wall while showing off their bellybutton.  The person taking the photo said this was going to be her Christmas card.